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Who We Are

Viking CCS Pipeline is a Harbour Energy-operated project.

Harbour Energy is the largest London-listed independent oil and gas company. We have a leading position in the UK as well as interests in Indonesia, Vietnam, Mexico and Norway.

About Viking CCS

Led by Harbour Energy, Viking CCS will develop the infrastructure to transport and store CO2 in secure offshore storage sites. Working with a wide range of emissions capture and infrastructure partners, the project will create a CO2 capture, transportation and storage network targeting a reduction of 10 million tonnes of UK emissions per annum by 2030. Located in the Humber, the UK’s most industrialised region and largest emitter of CO2, the project is central to establishing a world leading carbon capture industry in the UK and meeting the Government’s net zero emissions targets. Expected to store 10 million tonnes of CO2 per annum by 2030, Viking CCS will reuse existing pipelines and utilise decommissioned gas fields in the southern North Sea to provide UK industries with a competitive option for the transport and storage of their CO2 emissions.

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